Planned Parenthood exposes Liberal racism.

Democrat trolls favorite argument against me on abortion is we should abort black/poor babies because they will commit crime.

That’s probably not the best argument to attack me for being pro life. When I’m Black, was born into a poverty and crime ridden place, grew up and made something out of of myself.

It almost makes it seem that Liberals believe in the vision of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, to weed out the poor and minorities she called inferior. Sanger was praised by Nazi’s for her eugenics work, she appointed an anti-Semite to her birth control board who wrote and article called the Jewish Problem.


A fighting chance is better than no chance.

I also find it amazing how Democrats are always talking about giving people dignity and racism, while already casting black babies to be worthless and criminals at birth.


How Can Republicans Fix Their Minority Problem?

Let’s take a look at the curious case of Illinois. This is how the Republican Party wins minority votes.


This is Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner. He spends a lot of time in heavily black and Hispanic communities having a conversation. Rauner wants to bring pro-growth policies to Illinois; which currently has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.
At the beginning of this race people would have told you this would be a long shot; that a Republican would never even be close to winning a seat in Barack Obama’s home state. To be honest I was one of them, but today this governor’s race is too close to call. If you have seen the recent videos of black voters in Chicago you know they are turning on Obama in droves. With the help of Black Activist like Deneen Borelli, Rev C.L Bryant and Babbette Holder; blacks are being empowered in these urban communities to think for themselves. With sky high unemployment in all these blue states, black voters are becoming more independent. Minorities are seeing the disastrous effects of liberalism on their communities and the numerous broken promises.
My idea is for the GOP to enact a large scale campaign called “The Alternative.” The plan will consist of thousands of black conservatives engaging with the black community at events and in their neighborhoods. This would include media buys in all black markets; including TV and radio stations. I think it is important that if we think minority engagement is important that we “go big or go home.” I give all respect to Mr. Rauner and I am happy to see someone from the GOP taking the actual step to engage the Black Community. Black voters are fed up with the Democratic Party and he sees that. Let’s give them an alternative!