Why Did Hillary Clinton Tout Gun Control Right After The Tragic Shootings?

If you are wondering why Hillary Clinton decided to tout Gun control hours after the Virginia shooting I’ll break it down for you as I always do.

Hillary Clinton in college was a big fan of this guy Saul Alinsky, he wrote rules for radicals and Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis about him. Barack Obama has quoted Alinsky several times in his speeches.


He said never let a crisis go to waste, so this is why Liberals always pounce on tragedy before people actually even recover from the shock or coming to terms about loss.

Victims get overshadowed by agenda

By the way Rules for radicals was dedicated to Satan by the author.


Planned Parenthood exposes Liberal racism.

Democrat trolls favorite argument against me on abortion is we should abort black/poor babies because they will commit crime.

That’s probably not the best argument to attack me for being pro life. When I’m Black, was born into a poverty and crime ridden place, grew up and made something out of of myself.

It almost makes it seem that Liberals believe in the vision of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, to weed out the poor and minorities she called inferior. Sanger was praised by Nazi’s for her eugenics work, she appointed an anti-Semite to her birth control board who wrote and article called the Jewish Problem.


A fighting chance is better than no chance.

I also find it amazing how Democrats are always talking about giving people dignity and racism, while already casting black babies to be worthless and criminals at birth.