Planned Parenthood Deceives

I hate when people say without Planned Parenthood women can’t get care. For every 1 PP there is 230 women health clinics not PP!

Here’s some history behind Planned Parenthood.

That’s right women can get care without using the services of organization created by a racist pro Nazi Margaret Sanger. Also you can have care somewhere other than a place that advocates for abortion, only 3% of what Planned parenthood does is abortion? There’s been 50,000,000 abortions I hate to see what they would do with a bigger budget.

A lot of their budget goes to attacking Pro life candidates and lobbying for Pro Abortion legislation. Just to rub it in 9 out of 10 Pro Planned Parenthood candidates lost last year thank God


#ShoutYourAbortion Trends on Twitter

I was sad to see this. #ShoutYourAbortion has became a top trend in the country on twitter. Whenever I get just a little bit of optimism things like this occur.

As feminist women celebrate their Abortions, the rest of the world is disgusted by their glee. I had to chime in.

Our society can be so barbaric sometimes. We have desensitized our people, they can kill, rape and abort off a drop of a dime.

I was attacked by a black pro choice loser. Telling me I should kill myself, which is ironic from a pro abortionist. I decided to take the high road, he has no followers why make him famous?