Open Letter from Markeece Young asking the North Carolina Democratic Party to condemn the behavior of Precinct Chairwoman

Open Letter from Markeece Young asking the North Carolina Democratic Party to condemn the behavior of Precinct Chairwoman Devereaux

Dear, North Carolina Democratic Party

Yesterday June 7, 2016, while I was volunteering at the polls for the Republican candidates that I supported, something truly disgusting and inexcusable happened.

A woman, Ms. Devereaux, who described herself as a Democratic precinct chair, racially profiled a voter who was walking up to the polling entrance. She said, “You’re a Democrat, here’s a voter guide.” The man replied, “No thank you. I’m a Republican.” She then said “Shame on you!” He replied, “What did you just say?” All of the Republicans who heard this exchange were dumbfounded.  

I personally was shocked to hear what she had said and I promptly confronted her and asked her to retract her statement. Her reply to me was, “But he’s Black and we have an amazing President and I can’t believe he would vote against him.” The woman’s behavior both during and subsequent to the incident was outrageous and I have asked the county Democratic Party to ask her to apologize.  They informed me that they are ‘looking into it.’

That exchange with a voter was not the only improper incident involving this precinct chair at the polls yesterday.  All day long the woman used illegal practices, such as going up to the cars of every Black voter, despite being asked to desist from doing so. This behavior constitutes voter intimidation, which is illegal. I consider her verbally attacking Black Republicans and approaching Black people’s cars nothing short of harassment.

This morning I received a poor excuse for an apology from Ms. Devereaux: “I do apologize. I was angry and should have kept my mouth shut. It was the third black person who was a Republican, a young man. I lost it and said, ‘Shame on you.’ It makes me angry that African Americans do not appreciate having President Obama in the White House and what the Democratic Party has done for them in terms of civil rights.”  This is not an apology, this is an attempted justification.

This behavior from a precinct chair is unacceptable.  Of greater concern, however, is that the Johnston County Democratic Party has officials who cannot abide the mere thought that there are Black Republicans living and voting in Johnston County.

I call on the Johnston County Democratic Party and/or North Carolina Democratic party to condemn the actions of this precinct chair, make her issue an actual sincere and formal apology, and issue a directive to its field personnel outlining proper and improper conduct at a polling place.

Thank You,
Markeece Young

Why I’m Supporting George Holding For Congress

There are 4 main reasons why I’m voting for George Holding in the Republican primary for North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district.

His Past

As a United States Attorney, his priorities included prosecution of violent felons, drug offenses, child pornography, and political corruption. Holding prosecuted a U.S. Congressman, the Speaker of the North Carolina House, a judge, a state senator, a state representative, and several sheriffs for political corruption and a major terrorism case.

He’s a Conservative

Heritage ranks George Holding at the top of the North Carolina delegation (tied with Walter Jones) as the most conservative. The American Conservative Union gave Holding a 100% rating for 2016.

He’s Trusted 

Holding has earned the endorsement of many grassroots Conservative groups. FreedomWorks, National Right to Life and Susan B. Anthony List. 

The same groups have called out Holdings opponent; Renee Ellmers. Ellmers made national news for leading the charge to derail the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Ellmers has been called a “traitor” by many pro-life groups for this.

He’s Effective

The biggest criticism Conservatives get, is that they are not effective. The main reason I support George Holding is that he stands on principles, and gets things done. Holding serves on one of the most powerful committees. The Ways & Means committee. He has also passed a greater percentage of the bills he has sponsored or cosponsored, even though he has served one less term than his opponent Ellmers.

It would be wise to vote for George Holding on June 7th. He’s a Conservative that gets things done!

Renee Ellmers’ Dirty Campaign Won’t Beat Conservative Champion George Holding

Wow! Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is running a pathetic campaign. I can’t wait until she loses her seat. In 2010 the Tea Party elected her and she won a seat that was held by a prominent Democrat. Now it seems that Renee has decided to become a prominent Democrat herself. She quickly became establishment. She is only well known for saying and doing idiotic things and turning her back on her district.

 I will not be voting for her, I will be voting for her opponent George Holding. Ellmers endorsed Donald Trump in a desperate attempt to seem anti-establishment. Now she is running a Trump-esque campaign because she can’t run on her disastrous record. Many were shocked for Ellmers has had a soft record on immigration, so it surprises people that she would endorse someone who rose in the polls due to strict policy on immigration. She has even attacked her opponent for sleeping on a plane ride. Can you say desperate? Many commented that this was a classless, desperate and pathetic attack.


 Ellmers has also launched an on-slaught of negative and false attacks on her opponent, Representative George Holding.


Holding has cleared up several of these falsehoods on social media.


Ellmers attacked Holding for not attending a ribbon-cutting. Holding pointed out that the House was voting to condemn ISIS for committing genocide that day; every North Carolina member of Congress voted except Congresswoman Ellmers.

Most of Ellmer’s attacks seemed like were born right of the Liberal playbook. Holding voted against several big-spending, pork filled bills and Renee called it ‘voting against North Carolina.’ That’s right, you would think that only Liberals would attack a Republican representative for being  fiscally conservative.

George Holding received a perfect conservative score (100 percent)  from American Conservative Union, while Renee holds the worst record in Congress for the North Carolina delegation.

Grassroots Conservative group FreedomWorks has endorsed Representative in his race for the 2nd district.

The National Right to Life Committee has endorsed Rep. Holding also. Remember when Renee Ellmers betrayed pro-lifers everywhere when she helped take down a pro life bill. What bad timing, Ellmers did this while 500,000 pro-life citizens were marching. Millenials let her have it, staging a protest outside her office.


She has to go, and I have confidence that she will be defeated. If you’re in the North Carolina’s 2nd district, I urge you to vote George Holding and finally get rid of desperate Renee Ellmers.

Republicans Have Revitalized North Carolina

When Republicans took control of North Carolina we had the fifth highest unemployment rate in the country at nearly 9% and we were struggling to recover from the recession. But by thinking outside the box and implementing policies that unleashed the private sector, North Carolina has added over 270,000 new jobs and is among the top states for job-creation. In fact, North Carolina has created the 6th most jobs in the nation since 2013, unemployment is lower in all 100 counties across the state and North Carolina has been named the most competitive state in the country.

  • Job growth rate is 10th highest in the country.
  • 34% reduction in our unemployment rate, from the 8.7% rate we inherited, to the 5.6% rate we have today.
  • Forbes Magazine’s #2 state for Business and Career Climate.
  • Chief Executive Magazine’s #3 for Business.
  • CNBC’s 5th Best State for Business.
  • Ernst and Young’s 3rd Lowest State and Local Tax Burden on Business.
  • Fastest growing economy. (GDP)
  • Lifted the pay freeze on teachers enacted by the previous administration.
  • Raised starting teacher pay from $30,000/annually to $35,000 annually.
  • Gave one of the largest teacher pay raises in state history, averaging 7% per teacher.
  • North Carolina is 7th in the nation for state level funding of education, spending 11% more on education than the national average.
With this record, I can see why Democrats want to focus on bathrooms laws.
We are proud of Republican majorities in the state House and Senate. We are also proud of the leadership of our Governor Pat Mcrory and our Lt. Governor Dan Forest.
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Planned Parenthood Deceives

I hate when people say without Planned Parenthood women can’t get care. For every 1 PP there is 230 women health clinics not PP!

Here’s some history behind Planned Parenthood.

That’s right women can get care without using the services of organization created by a racist pro Nazi Margaret Sanger. Also you can have care somewhere other than a place that advocates for abortion, only 3% of what Planned parenthood does is abortion? There’s been 50,000,000 abortions I hate to see what they would do with a bigger budget.

A lot of their budget goes to attacking Pro life candidates and lobbying for Pro Abortion legislation. Just to rub it in 9 out of 10 Pro Planned Parenthood candidates lost last year thank God

#ShoutYourAbortion Trends on Twitter

I was sad to see this. #ShoutYourAbortion has became a top trend in the country on twitter. Whenever I get just a little bit of optimism things like this occur.

As feminist women celebrate their Abortions, the rest of the world is disgusted by their glee. I had to chime in.

Our society can be so barbaric sometimes. We have desensitized our people, they can kill, rape and abort off a drop of a dime.

I was attacked by a black pro choice loser. Telling me I should kill myself, which is ironic from a pro abortionist. I decided to take the high road, he has no followers why make him famous?

Why Did Hillary Clinton Tout Gun Control Right After The Tragic Shootings?

If you are wondering why Hillary Clinton decided to tout Gun control hours after the Virginia shooting I’ll break it down for you as I always do.

Hillary Clinton in college was a big fan of this guy Saul Alinsky, he wrote rules for radicals and Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis about him. Barack Obama has quoted Alinsky several times in his speeches.


He said never let a crisis go to waste, so this is why Liberals always pounce on tragedy before people actually even recover from the shock or coming to terms about loss.

Victims get overshadowed by agenda

By the way Rules for radicals was dedicated to Satan by the author.

Planned Parenthood exposes Liberal racism.

Democrat trolls favorite argument against me on abortion is we should abort black/poor babies because they will commit crime.

That’s probably not the best argument to attack me for being pro life. When I’m Black, was born into a poverty and crime ridden place, grew up and made something out of of myself.

It almost makes it seem that Liberals believe in the vision of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, to weed out the poor and minorities she called inferior. Sanger was praised by Nazi’s for her eugenics work, she appointed an anti-Semite to her birth control board who wrote and article called the Jewish Problem.


A fighting chance is better than no chance.

I also find it amazing how Democrats are always talking about giving people dignity and racism, while already casting black babies to be worthless and criminals at birth.

Planned Parenthood Problem

This week a shocking undercover video of Planned Parenthood Dr. Deborah Nucatola was released. The video exposed Planned Parenthood’s selling of the body parts and organs of the babies they butcher. This practice is not only disgusting but very illegal. Republicans have already called for the complete  defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Democrat’s silence only shows that they approve of this practice. Life is disposable to Liberals. Babies are miracles not spare parts.

Never Say “Democratic Party”

You can never say Democrat Party without a Liberal troll trying to correct you by saying “Democratic Party.” I never say Democratic Party, not because I do not want to grammatically correct but because they do not deserve that distinction. So Democrats you can stop correcting me by saying “Democratic Party.” There is nothing Democratic about being the party of Slavery, Internment camps, going into people’s houses and telling what light bubs they can use and Mandating them to buy services.