Republicans Have Revitalized North Carolina

When Republicans took control of North Carolina we had the fifth highest unemployment rate in the country at nearly 9% and we were struggling to recover from the recession. But by thinking outside the box and implementing policies that unleashed the private sector, North Carolina has added over 270,000 new jobs and is among the top states for job-creation. In fact, North Carolina has created the 6th most jobs in the nation since 2013, unemployment is lower in all 100 counties across the state and North Carolina has been named the most competitive state in the country.

  • Job growth rate is 10th highest in the country.
  • 34% reduction in our unemployment rate, from the 8.7% rate we inherited, to the 5.6% rate we have today.
  • Forbes Magazine’s #2 state for Business and Career Climate.
  • Chief Executive Magazine’s #3 for Business.
  • CNBC’s 5th Best State for Business.
  • Ernst and Young’s 3rd Lowest State and Local Tax Burden on Business.
  • Fastest growing economy. (GDP)
  • Lifted the pay freeze on teachers enacted by the previous administration.
  • Raised starting teacher pay from $30,000/annually to $35,000 annually.
  • Gave one of the largest teacher pay raises in state history, averaging 7% per teacher.
  • North Carolina is 7th in the nation for state level funding of education, spending 11% more on education than the national average.
With this record, I can see why Democrats want to focus on bathrooms laws.
We are proud of Republican majorities in the state House and Senate. We are also proud of the leadership of our Governor Pat Mcrory and our Lt. Governor Dan Forest.
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