Renee Ellmers’ Dirty Campaign Won’t Beat Conservative Champion George Holding

Wow! Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is running a pathetic campaign. I can’t wait until she loses her seat. In 2010 the Tea Party elected her and she won a seat that was held by a prominent Democrat. Now it seems that Renee has decided to become a prominent Democrat herself. She quickly became establishment. She is only well known for saying and doing idiotic things and turning her back on her district.

 I will not be voting for her, I will be voting for her opponent George Holding. Ellmers endorsed Donald Trump in a desperate attempt to seem anti-establishment. Now she is running a Trump-esque campaign because she can’t run on her disastrous record. Many were shocked for Ellmers has had a soft record on immigration, so it surprises people that she would endorse someone who rose in the polls due to strict policy on immigration. She has even attacked her opponent for sleeping on a plane ride. Can you say desperate? Many commented that this was a classless, desperate and pathetic attack.


 Ellmers has also launched an on-slaught of negative and false attacks on her opponent, Representative George Holding.


Holding has cleared up several of these falsehoods on social media.


Ellmers attacked Holding for not attending a ribbon-cutting. Holding pointed out that the House was voting to condemn ISIS for committing genocide that day; every North Carolina member of Congress voted except Congresswoman Ellmers.

Most of Ellmer’s attacks seemed like were born right of the Liberal playbook. Holding voted against several big-spending, pork filled bills and Renee called it ‘voting against North Carolina.’ That’s right, you would think that only Liberals would attack a Republican representative for being  fiscally conservative.

George Holding received a perfect conservative score (100 percent)  from American Conservative Union, while Renee holds the worst record in Congress for the North Carolina delegation.

Grassroots Conservative group FreedomWorks has endorsed Representative in his race for the 2nd district.

The National Right to Life Committee has endorsed Rep. Holding also. Remember when Renee Ellmers betrayed pro-lifers everywhere when she helped take down a pro life bill. What bad timing, Ellmers did this while 500,000 pro-life citizens were marching. Millenials let her have it, staging a protest outside her office.


She has to go, and I have confidence that she will be defeated. If you’re in the North Carolina’s 2nd district, I urge you to vote George Holding and finally get rid of desperate Renee Ellmers.


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