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How did you become a Young Black Conservative?

Why am I a young Black Conservative Republican? All my life I have always been different. I wasn’t easy to persuade and didn’t think the same as others. People say I am an old soul. I grew up in a violence/drug ridden neighborhood where it was easy to get caught up in a the drug or gang culture. My mom moved us to a better safer community.

I have always been interested in history and political matters, but growing up I idolize Democrats like North Carolina native John Edwards and former President Bill Clinton. I was a strong Democrat supporter as a kid, but as I grew up I started to question the Democrat Party and why Blacks were so loyal to them. I found out that the Democrat Party was pro slavery and segregation. That they were pro Abortion. That the Democrat Party here sterilized Blacks so they wouldn’t have more children. As a child I ask why would anyone support the Democrat Party? I ask my elders they had no answers!

The 7th grade it all changed, I read every single Presidents book in the Library about 65 and I said to my self my morals and beliefs fit more with the Republican Party. 2008, the election I knew Barack Obama was a fraud and supported McCain I was called White just for questioning Obama’s qualifications. 2010, I finally became a Republican freshman year in High School I wasn’t really involved in any politics or paid any attention but on my 15th birthday Nov, 2, 2010 I heard Tea Party wins! (Yes my birthday was on election day) I had always had an interest in colonial and Constitutional things so when I saw the tea party patriots beating the drums, marching in the streets for liberty and freedom I knew the Tea Party and Republican Party was for me!

I did not get involved until 2012, I decided to come out as a black conservative and didn’t care what people said. I was a top volunteer in North Carolina at the age of 16, which was the only swing state Romney won! Today I fight so hard to get other blacks to be independent and think for themselves. I do a lot of youth/minority engagement and broke through to lifelong democrats which is why I believe God gave me a gift to change minds and touch hearts. This is my calling.