Democratic Exploitation of Black America

Past Slavery

Slave Masters have blacks on designated plantations doing their will usually picking cotton or doing some type of forced labor. Slave masters give them rations usually the leftovers of food. Slave Owners destroy black families by splitting them up and selling them. Slave owners create laws to make sure blacks can’t get education, have guns or have any shot at equal economic opportunities. Slave owners create laws that it make harder for slaves to escape the plantation and gain freedom.


Today’s Slavery

Democrats have blacks on designated plantations (ghettos). Democrats give them rations to keep them loyal usually Welfare. Democrats created laws in 1960’s that destroyed the black family, it was created to replace the black father with a welfare check, it’s called Lyndon B Johnson’s Great Society.”


Democrats create laws to keep blacks from getting a good education and stop charter schools from picking up blacks even though charters schools are proven to be better for black children. Democrats create laws that stop law-abiding blacks from owning guns even arrested a black mom of two who had a legal firearm in NJ. Democrats make sure that black unemployment is really high in black cities to make sure blacks don’t have a shot equal economic opportunity so they can stay on the plantation and never go against their will beating the odds and gaining freedom.