The Republican Party Is Gaining Ground With Minorities!

Republicans not only won big on Tuesday, they made great progress in minority communities. More Minority voters voted Republican than in 2010 and 2012.

• Mia Love, Utah – First Black Republican Congresswoman

• Tim Scott, South Carolina – First Black Senator from the south since reconstruction

• Carl Demaio, California – First Openly Gay Republican nearly elected to Congress

Also a major swing; Asians shifted to GOP in Colorado. 17 point shift from 2012 to last night

Both Mia love and Tim Scott went from poverty to prosperity. Here are the pictures of their parents who fought so hard to give them a good life.

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More Blacks, Hispanics and Asians voted GOP this year than in 2010 and 2012. The Democrats saw this and that is why they have begun attacking Mia Love and Tim Scott. Democrats were counting on the Black vote to help win them key elections.

Liberals even started spreading race baiting propaganda in black communities in an attempt to scare blacks into voting. Here in North Carolina Democrats gave out flyers with a lynching scene saying Kay Hagan loses Republicans will impeach Obama. They also did radio ads trying to link Republican Thom Tillis to the Trayvon Martin shooting.


Here are some other racially charged mailers that were given out, even some of these made it in my mail box.


Now let’s look at some of the positives. In my last blog post, I predicted that Obama’s home state of Illinois was going to elect a Republican governor. People called me crazy for that, but I saw how he was engaging Black and Hispanic communities and knew he would when. He talked to Black business owners and had a conversation about how liberalism hurts Blacks especially in IL which has the highest unemployment in the country.


My favorite story comes out of Florida. I must admit I  happier at the fact that phony Charlie Crist lost than the mere fact Rick Scott won. Rick Scott did a lot of minority engagement in Florida and that is actually how he won. The numbers show if Scott had not received a substantial amount of Black and Hispanic voters, he would have lost. Rick Scott has been a huge supporter of school choice which allows disadvantaged children go to good quality schools. He received nearly triple the amount of votes he got in 2010 from black voters. It was an increase from 34,000 to 95,000.


What’s the moral of this election? When Republicans try to get votes from minority groups, it only helps. It will never hurt; it may even help win a historic election.