Democratic Exploitation of Black America

Past Slavery

Slave Masters have blacks on designated plantations doing their will usually picking cotton or doing some type of forced labor. Slave masters give them rations usually the leftovers of food. Slave Owners destroy black families by splitting them up and selling them. Slave owners create laws to make sure blacks can’t get education, have guns or have any shot at equal economic opportunities. Slave owners create laws that it make harder for slaves to escape the plantation and gain freedom.


Today’s Slavery

Democrats have blacks on designated plantations (ghettos). Democrats give them rations to keep them loyal usually Welfare. Democrats created laws in 1960’s that destroyed the black family, it was created to replace the black father with a welfare check, it’s called Lyndon B Johnson’s Great Society.”


Democrats create laws to keep blacks from getting a good education and stop charter schools from picking up blacks even though charters schools are proven to be better for black children. Democrats create laws that stop law-abiding blacks from owning guns even arrested a black mom of two who had a legal firearm in NJ. Democrats make sure that black unemployment is really high in black cities to make sure blacks don’t have a shot equal economic opportunity so they can stay on the plantation and never go against their will beating the odds and gaining freedom.


Democrats Hate Black Individualism

I always hear from Black people why don’t things change? Because the people who are actually changing things get called uncle toms and coons. That black guy who puts on a suit and actually gets involved in criminal justice reform will have 1000 times more impact than looting a liquor store will ever do.

Clarence Thomas has done more for criminal justice reform than any black liberal can say, but he gets called an uncle tom and mocked because he’s a Conservative Republican. The greatest trick the democratic party has ever done is getting blacks to attack the people truly making a difference. We call it the crab mentality when a black person gets on the rise there’s jealous ones that try to pull them back down to the barrel.

Eventually that black person actually changing things in the black community gets tired of getting mocked and call names for simply making it, therefore the progress the black community makes stalls.

A black man told me a story of how he grew up in a terrible neighborhood and when he tried to come back and start a outreach program stopping kids from getting into gangs they called him a sell out simply because he made it. This has to stop, Democrats have groomed blacks to attack those that get off the slave plantation of welfare and government reliance!

The New Black Conservative Movement

Hey, I’m Markeece Young. I’m 19 from North Carolina. I was Democrat for pretty much all my life, if you would have told me I would be apart of the “New Black Conservative Movement” a couple years ago would probably laugh at you. A new Gallup Poll shows that 26% of Black voters are Conservative. So why aren’t 26% of Blacks voting for Conservative candidates? Can you imagine if 26% of Blacks voted Conservative? Democrats wouldn’t win locally, statewide or nationally. I believe that the Republican Party and other Conservative groups have basically given up on the Black vote. I know with Blacks voting 95% for Obama, why should we even bother, right? Because the biggest revolutions and political shifts didn’t happen overnight; it took an effort. It’s going to take a lot of hard work. The Black Conservative movement is stronger than ever, but we need support. Contrary to what you might believe, reaching Black voters is an achievable goal.

Just an example: Rick Scott did a lot of minority engagement in Florida and that is actually how he won. The numbers showed that if Scott had not received a substantial amount of Black and Hispanic votes, he would have lost. Rick Scott has been a huge supporter of school choice which allows disadvantaged children to go to good, quality schools. He received nearly triple the amount of votes in 2014 than he received in 2010 from Black voters. It was an increase in votes from 34,000 to 95,000. I always reference this election when people tell me that the Black voters ears are shut or that courting Black voters is a lost cause. Rick Scott wasn’t afraid to visit Black communities and it paid off in his re-election.

Last Saturday, Fox News Contributor and Conservative activist Deneen Borelli led a Black Conservative empowerment program in my home state of North Carolina. Luckily, I was asked to be a panelist at this event. The seats filled quickly. There were a large number of African-Americans, both young and old. People of all different races showed up to this great event of empowerment. I was very nervous, especially since I was sitting on a panel with the Civil Rights legend Clarence Henderson. He was one of the original Civil Rights activists that defied segregation laws in the Greensboro sit-ins during the 1960’s. Although I was extremely anxious, I only received good reviews from the people who attended. There were so many people there who wanted to change things in the Black community for the better.

Black Conservatives across this great country are reaching out to Black communities. I would like to name a few in this article. Deneen Borelli is going across this country empowering the Black community. There are courageous men like Derrick Wilburn and Kevin Jackson to Babette Holder in Illinois, who is changing things there in the Black community. Young, Black Conservative Cecilia Johnson of Missouri created Hood Conservatives, they are dedicated to reaching out those in urban areas. There is also the Fredrick Douglas Foundation and The Black Conservative Fund. To the great and enlightened writings of my friends and young Black Conservatives Josiah McElroy and Antoine Pearson–and let us not forget about the 12-year-old activist from Georgia, CJ Pearson! But we need help. We need people like the GOP to launch serious initiatives and not just show up at Black doors every four years.
We need the GOP and grassroots Conservative groups to help empower the Black community to come out of their allegiance to the Democratic Party. I believe with this new poll coming out, showing nearly a quarter of Black voters being Conservative, it would be a tremendous missed opportunity for Conservative/Republican groups to not tap into a relatively immense untapped potential.

We need to educate and empower the Black community to be more independent. We have to go out there and educate Blacks on the racist past of the Democrat Party and show them how Liberal policies have crippled the Black community. We have to show them how Conservative policies are opening the window of opportunity that the Democratic Party has shut in the Black community for 50 years.

As Conservatives, we spread the message of economic freedom and the values of hard work, so why not take this message to a community that desperately needs it now more than ever? It’s no secret that the Obama administration is crippling Black America greatly. Black unemployment is at very high levels and the youth employment rate is even higher. Many Blacks today believe that their American Dream is being denied and for several people today, it has turned into more of a nightmare. It’s our job to go into these communities and tell people that it’s not Conservative Republicans denying them of their dream its Liberalism and big government. Will you join the New Black Conservative Movement? Will the Republican Establishment join the New Movement? Or will both the Black Community and the Republican Establishment continue with their status quo?

YoungBLKRepub’s Presidential Poll

Every year after CPAC I do my own personal poll to see where my Social Media followers’ support stands. Last year’s winner was Rand Paul, let’s see if that changes. Thanks for voting!

Scott Walker: No Degree -No Problem

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog, I’ve been experiencing a case of extreme writers block. Then it occurred to me to me to start blogging my facebook rants! Here you go folks!

So Democrats think that Scott Walker not finishing college is terrible thing? This is the elitist thinking of private school, ivy league idiot liberals. They are very Out of touch, not everyone can go to college, some people have to work!

College is not for everyone, Sean Hannity had to drop out of college for a while because he couldn’t afford college. Mark Zuckberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all dropped out and odds are we’re all using their products right now in some fashion.


Funny Meme I made 🙂


People, big fancy Harvard degrees are no longer what they used to be, now days most Harvard grads are being laughed at for being idiots.

One of the big reasons now Senator Tillis had my support is because he couldn’t go straight to college, he went to work.

Liberals are hypocrites, if Obama had no college degree they would call anyone who pointed that out a racist. They would also go on a pity party on how Obama had obstacles in his life prohibiting him from going.


The Republican Party Is Gaining Ground With Minorities!

Republicans not only won big on Tuesday, they made great progress in minority communities. More Minority voters voted Republican than in 2010 and 2012.

• Mia Love, Utah – First Black Republican Congresswoman

• Tim Scott, South Carolina – First Black Senator from the south since reconstruction

• Carl Demaio, California – First Openly Gay Republican nearly elected to Congress

Also a major swing; Asians shifted to GOP in Colorado. 17 point shift from 2012 to last night

Both Mia love and Tim Scott went from poverty to prosperity. Here are the pictures of their parents who fought so hard to give them a good life.

image  image

More Blacks, Hispanics and Asians voted GOP this year than in 2010 and 2012. The Democrats saw this and that is why they have begun attacking Mia Love and Tim Scott. Democrats were counting on the Black vote to help win them key elections.

Liberals even started spreading race baiting propaganda in black communities in an attempt to scare blacks into voting. Here in North Carolina Democrats gave out flyers with a lynching scene saying Kay Hagan loses Republicans will impeach Obama. They also did radio ads trying to link Republican Thom Tillis to the Trayvon Martin shooting.


Here are some other racially charged mailers that were given out, even some of these made it in my mail box.


Now let’s look at some of the positives. In my last blog post, I predicted that Obama’s home state of Illinois was going to elect a Republican governor. People called me crazy for that, but I saw how he was engaging Black and Hispanic communities and knew he would when. He talked to Black business owners and had a conversation about how liberalism hurts Blacks especially in IL which has the highest unemployment in the country.


My favorite story comes out of Florida. I must admit I  happier at the fact that phony Charlie Crist lost than the mere fact Rick Scott won. Rick Scott did a lot of minority engagement in Florida and that is actually how he won. The numbers show if Scott had not received a substantial amount of Black and Hispanic voters, he would have lost. Rick Scott has been a huge supporter of school choice which allows disadvantaged children go to good quality schools. He received nearly triple the amount of votes he got in 2010 from black voters. It was an increase from 34,000 to 95,000.


What’s the moral of this election? When Republicans try to get votes from minority groups, it only helps. It will never hurt; it may even help win a historic election.

How Can Republicans Fix Their Minority Problem?

Let’s take a look at the curious case of Illinois. This is how the Republican Party wins minority votes.


This is Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner. He spends a lot of time in heavily black and Hispanic communities having a conversation. Rauner wants to bring pro-growth policies to Illinois; which currently has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.
At the beginning of this race people would have told you this would be a long shot; that a Republican would never even be close to winning a seat in Barack Obama’s home state. To be honest I was one of them, but today this governor’s race is too close to call. If you have seen the recent videos of black voters in Chicago you know they are turning on Obama in droves. With the help of Black Activist like Deneen Borelli, Rev C.L Bryant and Babbette Holder; blacks are being empowered in these urban communities to think for themselves. With sky high unemployment in all these blue states, black voters are becoming more independent. Minorities are seeing the disastrous effects of liberalism on their communities and the numerous broken promises.
My idea is for the GOP to enact a large scale campaign called “The Alternative.” The plan will consist of thousands of black conservatives engaging with the black community at events and in their neighborhoods. This would include media buys in all black markets; including TV and radio stations. I think it is important that if we think minority engagement is important that we “go big or go home.” I give all respect to Mr. Rauner and I am happy to see someone from the GOP taking the actual step to engage the Black Community. Black voters are fed up with the Democratic Party and he sees that. Let’s give them an alternative!