Democrats Hate Black Individualism

I always hear from Black people why don’t things change? Because the people who are actually changing things get called uncle toms and coons. That black guy who puts on a suit and actually gets involved in criminal justice reform will have 1000 times more impact than looting a liquor store will ever do.

Clarence Thomas has done more for criminal justice reform than any black liberal can say, but he gets called an uncle tom and mocked because he’s a Conservative Republican. The greatest trick the democratic party has ever done is getting blacks to attack the people truly making a difference. We call it the crab mentality when a black person gets on the rise there’s jealous ones that try to pull them back down to the barrel.

Eventually that black person actually changing things in the black community gets tired of getting mocked and call names for simply making it, therefore the progress the black community makes stalls.

A black man told me a story of how he grew up in a terrible neighborhood and when he tried to come back and start a outreach program stopping kids from getting into gangs they called him a sell out simply because he made it. This has to stop, Democrats have groomed blacks to attack those that get off the slave plantation of welfare and government reliance!


4 thoughts on “Democrats Hate Black Individualism

  1. Black people have been a ‘collective’ by reason of necessity birthed from the days of slavery. Individuality has not worked for us, as individuals can be diminished and silenced. All of our successes in the fight for civil rights has been as a collective force, not an individual one. It will be difficult for the ‘collective’ mind-set to end for Blacks, which is one of the main reason there is difficulty in gaining them on the conservative side which preaches individuality.


  2. black progressive leaders at the coaching of Democrats part of the agenda is to convince black people that white people hate them and the country is geared for only white people to succeed and that this country is racist and unless we have massive change they have no chance things are worse for blacks now than prior to 1965 Walter E Williams will tell you that


  3. It’s not easy to try and make change in a collective group of any individuals. I commend you for trying to see the big picture. We are all here on earth to work together. It’s so tough when there are so many different cultures and beliefs. Keep fighting the good fight!


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