YoungBLKRepub’s Presidential Poll

Every year after CPAC I do my own personal poll to see where my Social Media followers’ support stands. Last year’s winner was Rand Paul, let’s see if that changes. Thanks for voting!


One thought on “YoungBLKRepub’s Presidential Poll

  1. Hi Mr. Young! I just read about you and your hashtag about Hilary. I must say, after reading more about you, I’m quite impressed. In one quote I read, you mentioned wanting to get others to vote conservatives as well. You also mentioned that God gave you a gift and you want to change minds and touch hearts. There is one thing I’ve always been curious about. Blacks voting Democrat. Now I want to apologize for any ignorance on my part. But what I can’t understand is how such a God loving and God fearing people would vote for a Party that is so Anti-God. I’m Mexican-American and Catholic. I do have Catholic friends who are hard core Democrats and will never vote Republican. I’m 100% Pro-Life and would so fearful for my soul if I voted for a political party that endorses and promotes killing of the unborn. I can’t even imagine standing before our Lord on my day of judgement and being asked why I didn’t defend the most helpless.

    During the last Presidential campaign the DNC removed God from their platform. Is that the right word? I even saw a clip on YouTube where those in the crowd were asked if God should be included. Three times it was asked and three times there were very clear Nos. This Obama Administration has been more Anti-God, Anti-Jesus that it’s really frightening. Yet there are so many in the Black Community that voted for Obama and who will continue to vote Democrat. In all honesty I can’t wrap my brain around it.

    I’d like your insight on this.

    Thank you and God Bless!

    Flora Flores


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