Our place at the table

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One thought on “Our place at the table

  1. Always remember that the choice to be a Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Liberal is your free choice and your right. Don’t believe that only persons of European ancestry are only Republican or is it possible that most folks who are White are just by their nature, Conservatives? At the age of 21 I registered as a Democrat (family tradition), then I became to find many things that just didn’t seem right about the party which I had joined. Then I heard words from a man you may not remember, Barry Goldwater, and my eyes were opened to the blessing of being an conservative. Chose to be what your heart knows is right and it will be “right” for you! Not what others tell you, for you are the most precious of peoples on the planet. You are an individual in the only country in the world that deeply believes in the “Individual”!


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